Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a CPA as your tax advisor provides expert knowledge in taxation, ensures compliance with complex tax laws, offers strategic tax planning to potentially reduce liabilities, and provides comprehensive financial advice, benefiting from their broad accounting and finance expertise. CPAs also offer credibility and reliability, backed by rigorous training and ethical standards.

Prices vary depending on business type, tax structure, and revenue.  Book a consultation with us to learn more, let’s connect!

We offer monthly tax planning services that are designed to help a client successfully manage their business’s finances. Meeting with your CPA monthly ensures a client has ongoing tax advice throughout the year. This can help lower your tax liability for the year and make the year more profitable.

We provide accounting and tax services for small businesses (less than $40,000,000 and/or up to 250 employees) and non-profit organizations.

To prepare for your tax consultation we ask that clients provide information such as business financial statements, bank statements, previous year tax returns, payroll records, etc. Being well-prepared allows your CPA to understand your business’s financial situation.

At MpowerED CPA Services, we are dedicated to educating our clients through our exceptional services. We specialize in helping small businesses in various industries and nonprofits achieve their financial goals. Every client is given a personalized experience to truly feel empowered .